Colagenox vs hydrolyzed collagen

Differences between Colagenox vs hydrolyzed collagen


Answer your doubts of the essential differences between the hydrolyzed collagen and Colagenox, and why Colagenox brings to the market a true solution, thanks to its careful composition of aminoacids, unique precursors of collagen.


What is Colagenox:


Colagenox is composed by the necessary quantity of Glicine, Proline and L-Lisine, which are the aminoacids involved in the natural process of collagen protein regeneration throughout the body. In addition, it also contains Vitamin C to ensure the correct synthesis of collagen, otherwise it could be defective.


Colagenox en sticks
Colageno hidrolizado

What is Hydrolyzed Collagen?


Hydrolyzed Collagen is the collagen protein after a process of hydrolysis, in which the protein chain is broken, so the body can absorb 90% of the collagen aminoacids.


What is the use of hydrolyzed collagen?

When taking hydrolyzed collagen, all the aminoacids of the collagen are being ingested, regardless of their usefulness in the process of regeneration of the collagen protein, and in addition, the quantity required of each aminoacids involved regeneration process of the collagen.

Studies in this field are inconclusive, although they do reveal that taking 10 grams of hydrolyzed collagen can reduce joint pain, for some cases.


Benefits of Colagenox vs Hydrolyzed Collagen

With Colagenox, the precursor and necessary aminoacids are ingested for the collagen protein regeneration, which are Glycine, Proline and L-Lysine. On the other side, when taking hydrolyzed collagen, all collagen is ingested, understanding that the lack of collagen will be replaced by the new collagen, and that is not the case, the necessary quantities of the aminoacids which are involved in collagen regeneration must be taken.

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