How does it Work?

Colagenox, high quality and concentration of aminoacids to reactivate the collagen growth

To regenerate collagen, it is not effective to take all the collagen protein or ingest hydrolyzed collagen, but only the aminoacids precursors of collagen growth.

Precursor del colageno
Colagenox en sticks

How to take Colagenox?

Every night, during dinner, take two Colagenox sticks for the joints or a stick for the skin collagen regeneration treatment.
Colagenox, the exact composition which your body needs.

Colagenox, the exact composition your body needs:

Raw Material Quantity (mg)
Glicine 4.000
Proline 3.500
L-Lisine 750
C-Vitamin 80
Total 8.330

Why Glicine for the collagen?

Glycine is an essential aminoacid for the synthesis of collagen. It is found in foods like fish, meat or dairy, but intake through food does not get the required amounts.

Research carried out with more than 600 volunteers at the Institute of Cellular Metabolism (Tenerife) and the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Granada, by Dr. Patricia de Paz Lugo, has determined that taking 10 gr daily helps prevent Osteoarthritis and other degenerative diseases, such as osteoporosis.

Glicina como precursor del colageno
Prolina como precursor del colageno

What Proline is?

It shares collagen synthesis functions, also helping to reduce the risk of collagen loss. It strengthens joints and tendons, making it an important aminoacid in the prevention of arthritis and arthritis.

What L-lisine is?

It is essential in the structural formation of collagen, being responsible for the strength of tendons, ligaments, walls of blood vessels, skin and other tissues. It is also important in the treatment of androgenic alopecia

L-lisina como precursor del colageno
Vitamina C para la sintesis del colageno

Why C-Vitamin for the Collagen?

Necessary in the synthesis of collagen. Its lack causes scurvy, a painful disease, where the synthesized collagen is defective, generating bleeding and peeling of gums, loss of teeth, discoloration and difficulty in wound healing.

Colagenox is quality and results for your skin and bones

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