What is Colagenox?

Colagenox ®, essential source for the collagen production

Colagenox ®, essential source for the collagen production

  • Collagen fibers reconstruction.
  • High quality aminoacids.
  • C-Vitamin for the collagen synthesis.

Colagenox ® stimulates efficiently the collagen production, due to its studied composition. Colagenox has exactly the collagen precursor aminoacids, in its most suitable dosis.


The formula based in Glicine, Proline and L-lisine makes this product a solution to the lack of collagen. It contains C-Vitamin to complete the correct collagen synthesis.

Why taking Colagenox?

From the age of 20, the collagen production begins to decrease and from the age of 40 when the weakening of the bones and joints begins, sometimes accompanied by pain sometimes no.

It is recommended not to wait for pain to take supplements for the collagen regeneration, as its lack begins much earlier.

- Collagen production with the age

Benefits of Colagenox
for the skin


Collagen stimulation post treatment

Female Alopecia


Pre and post surgery



Benefits of Colagenox
for joints and bones


Bone Regenerator

Joint Regenerator