Frequent questions about Colagenox

A Colagenox stick at night for the collagen skin treatment.
Two Colagenox sticks at night for the joint collagen treatment.

It is recommended to take collagen as soon as the pain or deterioration begins, over 40 years.

The first results are notorious at the third week of the treatment.

People with kidney problems.

Collagen is composed by necessary amount of Glycine, Proline and L-lysine, which are the aminoacids responsible for the natural process of regeneration of collagen protein throughout the body. In addition, it also contains Vitamin C to ensure the correct synthesis of collagen, instead of a defective regeneration.

In contrast, Hydrolyzed Collagen is the collagen protein after a process of hydrolysis, which breaks the protein chain, so the body can absorb 90% of the aminoacids. When taking hydrolyzed collagen, all the amino acids of the collagen are taken, regardless of their usefulness in the process of regeneration of the collagen protein, and in addition, the quantity that is needed of each of the aminoacids involved in collagen regeneration.

Therefore, with hydrolyzed collagen,  collagen is taken, understanding that the lack of collagen will be replaced by the new collagen, and it is not the case, must take the necessary amounts of aminoacids which are involved in collagen regeneration.